Chasing Rainbows

I could deny, but I’ll never realise, I’m just chasing rainbows all the time

Shed Seven – Chasing Rainbows

Following on from the ‘Better Man‘ post, I was listening to the Radio when Shed Seven’s ‘Chasing Rainbows’ came on. I have been lucky enough to see them perform a few times now and it still astounds me that they were never as big as they should have been. At Shedcember a couple of years ago at Castlefield Bowl this song literally gave me goosebumps.

So I just thought I’d give this song a go and see what words fell out of my mind, and knowing its Andie’s favourite song and some of the challenges she’s faced, I thought i’d write it with her in mind.

‘There’s things that I regret chimes out the opening line.
What do you regret?

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take

Lewis Carroll

I try not to regret anything, after all, we are where we are meant to be. I was absolutely certain I would end up living in Australia. If I did, I wouldn’t have 12 and I wouldn’t swap her for the world. I’d have probably had kids with someone else no doubt, but it wouldn’t be the same. I might be living a better life in a better climate or I might have been homesick and missing my family. There’s no point wondering though as I can’t change that now. It’s all about how you play the hand you’ve been dealt and to be honest, my life is just fine at the moment. I have a job, a roof over my head, food on the table, things to keep me busy in music, writing and rugby, plus great family and amazing friends, both real and virtual.
In fact, I took a chance a few weeks ago. Something I was hugely nervous about doing, but I did it, encouraged by the belief in me that people had helped instil. I know if I hadn’t, I’d have forever wondered and would have kicked myself had I left it too late. I guess this was my real chasing rainbows moment of 2020, and whilst the pot of gold isn’t quite in my grasp, it’s closer than it’s ever been. This stuff just never happens to me! It’s too early to judge if it was a success, but as for now, it paid off handsomely, and I genuinely couldn’t be more excited or happier about it, but maybe that’s a story to be told on another day.

Back to ‘Chasing rainbows’ though. What I wanted from life in my younger years has changed vastly. When you’re a kid, you want to be a footballer or an astronaut or a rock star. Fame, fortune and all the trappings appeal don’t they? As I got older, well, that really did change. When you ask people what they want to be or what they wanted to be, no one says ‘Happy’, or ‘Content’.

We always want things, I remember as a kid always wanting a new bike, or games console. Don’t get me wrong, although we didn’t have alot of money, I never wanted for anything. However, now I am older, the things I remember are the little things, drinking the froth off a Mackeson Stout out of my Grandmas vase like glass. My neighbour taking me on long walks with ‘Midge’ the German Shepherd and pointing out all of the constellations. It’s not the activities that made those things though, it’s the people. It wasn’t what I did, it was who I did it with. People full of love and kindness, who cared and wanted to make ME happy.
Just yesterday me and 12 took a trip to Blackpool and met Scott and Kay and the best part of the day was seeing how welcome they made my daughter. She will remember Blackpool, and the walk on the prom, and the rock and the keyrings that she was so kindly bought, but she will remember how interested they were as she regaled tales of Ariana Grande, and her pets to them. It truly warmed my heart to see how they were with her and I will be forever grateful. She is good company, but the ease at which she felt with them wasn’t a fluke.

So yes, Chasing Rainbows for me is all about finding your happiness, but surround yourself with the right people, and the rainbow chases you.

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