Musically Ranting #2 – Soundtrack of my relationships

Reading Jae’s latest prompt, made me wonder about what to write. For some reason her writing resonates with me inexplicably. I don’t have a significant other, so would I write about family, or friends? As it turns out, neither but I thought i’d do a mixtape, I won’t say of exes as, well, that wouldn’t strictly be true. So it’s my mixtape of exes, encounters, loves lost, or never experienced and one incredibly special lady. So sit back, pour yourself a drink and in true charts style, you can run down my top 10.

Kissing You – Des’ree.

The girl that took away my innocence. Long distance love existed in those days you know. We were from totally different circles. I was a working class kid from the north west and she was on the east side of the country from an extremely wealthy family. Her mum made me so welcome, and I later discovered it was because of her dislike of her daughters ex. Our first date was to the cinema watching Romeo and Juliet and it mesmerised me. This song always reminds me of a wonderfully short lived time in my life where I knew I didn’t belong. Almost like Romeo and Juliet really.

Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

A song so beautifully poetic, and applicable to any failed relationship. We never had a relationship as such, and it was a short lived summer, but what a summer. Everyone comes into your life for a reason. I helped her secure a qualification and promotion and she gave me the best birthday I have had for a long time including seeing Fleetwood Mac. But again it was never ever going to last. I’d never really had a ‘one that got away’ before but I think this was the first but not the last.

Mr Brightside – The Killers

Mrs Brightside, we met at a casino (working not gambling) and stayed up all night talking after I checked she had got home in the snow that cold December night. Our first date was me doing her washing up (which many people told her meant I was a keeper) and we had a fantastic 12 months together. Holidays, gigs, birthdays. I even helped her with her filming of weddings and we had a blast. Sadly, things weren’t meant to be. Insecurities consumed us and a traumatic New Years Eve was the end of something once beautiful.

Hedonism – Skunk Anansie

A song that meant very little, now takes me back to someone I barely knew. For once, I was chased, and it flattered me. Young, pretty, funny. She knew what she was doing and got me exactly where she wanted me. But that night will live with me forever, and as hot as it was, it possibly isn’t for the right reasons. However this song, is more appropriate than ever given the circumstances and the lyrics always take me back. Someone that came and went like a ghost in the night but impacted me forever.

Buffalo Stance – Neneh Cherry

A song from my youth, that reminds me of someone from my present. Beautiful smile, killer eyes, always swishing her pony. This song came on my playlist once just as she messaged me about it. Now, anything 80’s brings me to her and she makes me smile often. No one knows what the future holds and she won’t be around forever, but I know that this song will always remind me of something and someone magical (and I am so gonna nail that rap one day).

Blackout – Freya Ridings

She was a what could have been. We connected, a connection that rarely happens. She is beautiful, funny, sexy, kind, elegant. But a lack of confidence and some poor reading of signals (both on my part) meant that a mistake was made which I could never recover from. To hurt someone you really barely know, so much, was gut wrenching. Part of me will always wonder what if, but sadly I will never know.

Sit Down – James

Curtains hair cut, baggy mustard jeans, ‘naf naf’ jacket. I was a catch… My first crush in high school. I was absolutely dreadful with girls back then (some things never change) and I was always the guy that would sit patiently on the school fields, drinking cider on a friday night, listening to her tell me how horrible the boys had treated her. I knew even then I was kind and would have been so good for her, but as the chubby kid with no confidence I was forever in the friendzone.

I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany

My first actual crush was a teaching assistant in primary school. I was maybe 8 or 9 and this teacher looked like Tiffany. I absolutely adored her and was thrilled when on a school trip to the zoo, she held my hand most of the day (the teacher not Tiffany) and I was convinced I would marry her.

Steal My Sunshine – Len

My first experience of an online connection. Sweet Aline (I’ll name her hoping she somehow reads this after all this time), the all-american sweet heart that did cheerleading. Sun kissed blonde hair. We spoke on AOL most evenings and spoke about music and life across the pond. It was my first pure connection as we just spoke knowing we would never meet or be together. She was older than me too which again was new on me. This song takes me back so much and always make me think of that god awful dial up screeching.

Pompeii – Bastille

A bit of a cheat one this, but that’s okay. It’s a song I cherish because my daughter thankfully shares my eclectic taste in music rather than her mums taste. I absolutely adore this song but one day we were driving in the car and she piped up “Dad, can you put that song on you like, the one about the wolves?” I was completely bemused but eventually it was just her misheard lyric “When the wolves come tumbling down” and now I always picture cartoon wolves ‘roly-polying’ down a hill.

There, you have 10 songs that take me back to different people who I have cared about immensely at some point in my life. Some I still speak to, others, I have let go or have chosen to let go of me. I hope you’ve maybe learned something about me or discovered a song you may have not heard or at least heard in a while. If you have Apple Music you can listen to my soundtrack here

Who knows if and when that playlist will grow…

2 thoughts on “Musically Ranting #2 – Soundtrack of my relationships

  1. That was a “wild” ride David! It’s amazing how one song can be tied to person and bring back memories. I loved the songs you shared and if you get that rap down I believe there will be plenty of us in the Twitterverse that will want to hear it..haha. The last song being about your daughter was perfect. My son does that now “you know that one song with..” We share our eclectic tastes in music with our children and they will either love us for it or hide us from their friends. 🙂


  2. What a lovely post, David. I enjoyed this musical journey through your life, and it’s nice to read about the people you cared about. Love that last bit about your daughter 🙂
    ~ Marie xox


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